A Look at Our Approach to Board Evaluation

Clare Chalmers Ltd stand out in the board evaluation market as true specialists, trusted each year by a significant number of the UK’s top companies to conduct their review.  This experience sets us apart, as does the fact that all our work is directly carried out by Clare and James, so you will receive the full benefit of their expertise.

We are open-minded and pragmatic – we work with clients who take board enhancement seriously and are looking for independent, unbiased and objective advice.  Our approach is bespoke and tailored to the client’s needs.  We present our clients with a range of suggestions to help their board move forward, delivered in a constructive, thoughtful and collaborative manner.  To ensure our suggestions are relevant and practical, we are sensitive to the context in which the Board operates – the industry, management structure, regulation and local practices.

Our reviews focus on not only the practical arrangements of the board (e.g. composition, succession, chairmanship, board papers), but also on how well-placed the board is to add value to the business (how it inputs to and oversees strategy, risk management, people and culture, and performance).  We give particular focus to the Board’s decision-making process, as well as how far it factors in stakeholders (including looking at shareholder engagement, environmental, social and corporate governance, corporate social responsibility, sustainability, reputation, workforce engagement, remuneration).

We are informed by the expectations of the UK Corporate Governance Code (2018), The Wates Corporate Governance Principles (2018) and other supplementary reports published by the Financial Reporting Council.  We keep in mind the expectations of your regulators, but always apply in a way that makes sense, given how your organisation works.

We pride ourselves on our independence and objectivity – we will not cross-sell any services which arise out of recommendations that we make in our board evaluations.  We have no self-interest in the outcome other than our professionalism and your satisfaction, and therefore our review and analysis are completely impartial.

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