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There are more than 50 board evaluators active in the FTSE 350 market. There is no specific qualification to be a board evaluator – some are specialists, while others include head-hunters, psychologists, coaches, academics and so on. More than half are engaged to work with less than one FTSE Board per year.

Clare Chalmers and James Littlefair conducted the most recent board evaluation of 30 FTSE 350 organisations*. Clare Chalmers Limited is one of just five board evaluation providers who were trusted by at least 10 FTSE 350 organisations to conduct their last review. At Clare Chalmers Limited, all the work is carried out directly by Clare and James, so you will receive the full benefit of their extensive experience.

* This data is according to Annual Reports of the FTSE 350 in March 2020. It includes 14 reviews conducted by Clare Chalmers Ltd, and 16 by Clare and James at Independent Audit Ltd where they both previously worked.

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